Falco Tempo Long booster - 150 ml

The Falco Tempo Long booster is a sponge booster free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The booster will speed up your rubber by up to 30%; the sponge will soften and become more elastic, increasing the spin.

The Falco Tempo Long booster effect lasts 8 to 12 weeks, providing very stable long-term performance.

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Instructions for the Falco Tempo Long booster:

Before applying the booster, remove the protective film from the top rubber (on Chinese covers). This will reduce the tension on the top rubber when the bottom sponge is stretched. 

Apply water-based adhesive Revolution No. 3 to the bottom sponge and let it dry, then apply a thin layer of the Falco Tempo Long booster to the sponge. 

Allow to dry for about 24 hours and apply a second thin layer of booster.

Chinese covers require three layers for optimum effect; apply a third thin layer of booster and allow to dry again. This may require another 24 to 48 hours. 

When dry, apply water-based adhesive Revolution No. 3 to the cover and let it dry. Apply the glue on the wood and stick to the cover on the wood when dry.

The effect will last about 8-12 weeks. Once the effect of the Falco Tempo Long booster wears off, peel the cover off the wood and remove the glue layer from the sponge. 

Leave the cover for 24 hours to allow it to shrink,

then repeat the above steps to restart the cover.


Be careful that you don't get the Falco Tempo Long booster on the top rubber of the cover and cause the rubber volume to increase; apply the booster carefully in very thin layers.

Illustration video with instructions for the Falco Tempo Long booster


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