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Haifu Seamoon booster 100 ml

Best booster for professional table tennis players. Haifu Seamoon booster ensures highly increased elasticity of the rubber sponge.

Haifu Seamoon booster is tasteless and odorless.

The ITTF ENEZ VOC test passed.

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The effect of Haifu Seamoon booster lasts up to 3 months and provides excellent consistency. Please note that the Haifu Seamoon booster is not an adhesive.

Apply layer evenly over the rubber sponge and wait at least 12 to 27 hours to dry, depending on humidity and temperature.


By this booster less is more. For those who have no experience, we strongly recommend starting with one layer at a time. The next layer can always be applied later.

Use 1-3 layers of Haifu Saemoon booster.

A hard sponge reacts with greater deflection than a soft sponge because it has a higher density.

Make sure the previous layer is dry before applying the next layer.


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