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Falco Tempo Long booster is a rubber sponge booster for increasing speed and spinning.


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Falco Tempo Long booster
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Falco Tempo Long booster - 150 ml

The Falco Tempo Long booster is a sponge booster free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The booster will speed up your rubber by up to 30%; the sponge will soften and become more elastic, increasing the spin. The Falco Tempo Long booster effect lasts 8 to 12 weeks, providing very stable long-term performance.
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FALCO Tempo Platinium Booster
  • -Kč250.00

FALCO Tempo Platinium Booster - 150 ml

FALCO Tempo Platinium Booster is the latest addition to the FALCO brand. The goal is to add a number of boosters for players who play with a hard sponge or players who play from a medium distance.
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