We would like to give you some practical tips on using your booster and some independent ratings and reviews of table tennis equipment.

Designation of the Chinese sponge hardness and the corresponding hardness of the European scale.

Chinese scale European scale
35 42-44
36 44-46
37 46-48
38 48-50
39 50-52
40 52-54
41 54-56


Use the booster and glue savingly

If you are going to glue a new rubber with the booster, first trim the rubber. Use a pencil to trace the blade on the underside of the rubber and trim it.

This will save glue and booster by making the area smaller. Remember to remove the protective film from the top rubber of the rubber before applying the booster.

Once the necessary layers of booster are applied to the sponge and you want to glue the cover to the wood, press the twisted cover with the top rubber and align it with the other rubber glued on the blade. You can use a roller to make the bond perfect.

As both top rubbers will be sticky, it will hold well and be straight, enabling you to comfortably apply the glue. 

Otherwise, follow the instructions.

Ratings and reviews

Here are some links where you can get important information for your decision, unfortunately only in English. Today there are free translating services, so it shouldn't be hard to understand.

Rating according to score

Ball rating according to total score - the balls are rated from 0 to 10 by reviewers based on hardness, roundness, speed, durability and stability. This is used to calculate the total average score.