DHS Hurricane 301 (H301)

DHS 301 blade

The DHS Hurricane 301 table tennis blade is a new product of 2017 made with BBT technology.

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The DHS Hurricane 301 table tennis blade is a new product of 2017 made with BBT technology, which gives the blade stable performance and makes it less prone to temperature and humidity. The DHS 301 blade is very popular among professional Chinese table tennis players.

DHS Hurricane 301 is a great offensive blade with high performance when hit strongly, but in short games it is very sensitive, making a great short game. The arylate carbon layer is located next to the core, which only activates during strong hits such as countertopspin.

Hardness of DHS Hurricane 301 blade

DHS Hurricane 301 is not a stiff blade, it has a very pleasant flexible feel; the top veneer is made of koto and is medium hard.

DHS Hurricane 301 blade treatment

DHS Hurricane 301 is well crafted, but the edges need to be sanded a little with fine sandpaper to prevent it from cutting into your hand. The DHS Hurricane 301 blade is a highly regarded table tennis blade known for its exceptional power and speed. Designed for offensive players who rely on aggressive shots, this blade offers a fantastic combination of speed, control, and stability.

One of the standout features of the DHS Hurricane 301 blade is its construction. It is made from five layers of high-quality wood, including two layers of carbon. The carbon layers provide additional rigidity and power, while the wood layers ensure a solid feel and excellent control. The combination of materials creates a blade that is ideal for fast and powerful attacking shots.

When it comes to speed, the Hurricane 301 does not disappoint. The carbon layers contribute to its impressive speed, allowing players to generate incredible power with each stroke. The ball springs off the blade with tremendous force, making it a fantastic choice for offensive players who like to unleash powerful shots. It is worth noting, however, that this blade requires some adjustment time due to its exceptional speed. Players may need to refine their technique to fully harness its potential.

Despite its impressive speed, the DHS Hurricane 301 blade still manages to provide good control. The wood layers in the construction help to dampen vibrations and provide a solid feel, allowing players to maintain accuracy and precision in their shots. The blade offers a decent amount of dwell time, enabling players to place their shots with accuracy and consistency. This balance between speed and control makes it suitable for players who require a versatile blade capable of executing both aggressive attacks and controlled placement.

The DHS Hurricane 301 blade also exhibits excellent stability. Even during high-speed exchanges, the blade remains stable, minimizing the chances of loss of control or wobbling. This stability adds an extra level of confidence to players' shots, allowing them to focus on their game without worrying about the blade's response.

One aspect to consider with the DHS Hurricane 301 blade is its weight. Due to the carbon layers, the blade may feel slightly heavier compared to an all-wood blade. While this weight can contribute to the power generated, some players may find it slightly tiring during extended play sessions. However, this is a matter of personal preference, and many players appreciate the added weight as it provides more stability and power.

The DHS Hurricane 301 blade is a top-tier option for offensive players seeking a powerful and fast blade. Its construction, combining high-quality wood and carbon layers, offers a great balance of speed, control, and stability. While it may require some adjustment for players not accustomed to the speed, the blade rewards those who can harness its potential. If you are an offensive-minded player looking for a blade that can deliver explosive shots while maintaining control, the DHS Hurricane 301 is definitely worth considering.


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