DHS Hurricane Long 5X (HL5X)

DHS Hurricane Long 5X (HL5X) blade is novelty of 2019

The X designation is for thicker blade core DHS Hurricane Long 5X (HL5X). DHS Hurricane Long 5X is designed to play with 40+ balls, which gives the blade more energy and speed and makes the blade more offensive.

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The blade innovation is in a stronger core. 

Hurricane Long 5X (HL5X) blade core is thicker than the Long 5 blade. 

This innovation brought the blade a higher speed. 

The blade has a big sweet spot, which delivers consistent interventions on the entire surface of the blade. 

The blade handle is slightly thicker than the Long 5 blade.


We recommend to players who have a well mastered game technique and have enough training. With DHS Hurricane Long 5X, you will enjoy table tennis even more than ever before.

With DHS Hurricane Long 5X your game takes on a different dimension and grows.

DHS Hurricane Long 5X (HL5X) blade is designed for offensive players. 

The blade is suitable for playing from all distances from the table. 

The DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade is slightly softer than the DHS hurricane Long 5X.


The Hurricane Long 5X blade offers a high speed rating, making it suitable for offensive players who rely on fast and aggressive shots. The blade's composition and design enable quick ball acceleration, allowing players to generate tremendous speed when attacking.


This blade excels in power transmission, making it a preferred choice for players who emphasize strong, forceful shots. It provides excellent feedback upon ball contact, allowing players to unleash powerful shots with precision and control.


The Hurricane Long 5X blade is characterized by its stiffness, which contributes to its power and speed. The rigidity of the blade ensures minimal energy loss during shots, resulting in explosive power and quick rebounds.

Offensive Play:

This blade is primarily designed for offensive-minded players who prefer an aggressive style of play. It enables players to execute fast topspin loops, powerful smashes, and quick drives with relative ease. The combination of speed, power, and stiffness allows for effective attacking strategies.


Despite its focus on speed and power, the Hurricane Long 5X blade still provides a good level of control. Skilled players will be able to harness its potential while maintaining accuracy and precision in their shots. The blade's design allows for consistent ball placement and reliable shot execution.


While the Hurricane Long 5X blade does not prioritize spin as its main characteristic, it still offers sufficient spin capabilities. Players can generate spin through proper technique and stroke execution, allowing for varied shot selection and the ability to control the ball's trajectory and placement.

It's important to note that individual playing style and technique greatly influence the overall gameplay experience with any blade. Players should consider their own strengths and preferences before selecting a table tennis blade, and experimenting with different blades is often necessary to find the perfect match for one's style of play.


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