DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37°, 38° - soft

The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37 rubber in the soft version is a great choice for the backhand. More and more Chinese players are leaving Euro-Japanese rubbers on the backhand side and uses DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37 with a soft sponge.

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DHS Hurricane 3 NEO rubber sponges have already been coated with a single layer of adhesive in production. The difference between the classic Hurricane 3 and DHS Hurricane 3 NEO is in the sponge. The NEO sponge has a softer feel when it hits the ball, even though the sponge hardness is officially the same, it feels different. The NEO has a slightly higher rebound.

You should definitely use booster to increase the speed of the rubber. Apply the second layer of adhesive after applying the booster. The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO soft version is a typical rubber for backhand. The rubber is vacuum packed.

Spin Generation:

The NEO Hurricane 3 rubber is renowned for its exceptional spin generation capabilities. It offers a high level of grip on the ball, allowing players to impart heavy spin on their shots. This makes it ideal for players who rely on spin-based strategies such as aggressive topspin attacks and heavy spin serves.

Speed and Power:

The rubber provides good speed and power, enabling players to generate strong shots with good acceleration. It offers a balance between control and power, allowing players to execute both offensive and defensive strokes effectively.

Durable and Sticky:

The NEO Hurricane 3 rubber has a tacky surface that enhances ball control and dwell time. The tackiness of the rubber helps players generate more spin and control the ball effectively. Additionally, the rubber is known for its durability, allowing it to withstand intense playing sessions and maintain its performance over time.

Suitable for Close-to-Table Play:

The DHS NEO Hurricane 3 rubber is particularly suited for close-to-table play styles. Its grip and spin capabilities make it ideal for players who prefer aggressive, spin-oriented shots close to the table. It allows for quick and precise placement of shots, making it easier to attack and exploit weaknesses in the opponent's game.

Chinese Style Rubber:

The NEO Hurricane 3 rubber is often categorized as a "Chinese style" rubber, which refers to rubbers with tackier surfaces that excel at generating spin. It is worth noting that Chinese style rubbers may have a stiffer feel compared to their European or Japanese counterparts, providing a unique playing experience.

Overall, the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 rubber is highly regarded for its spin generation, tackiness, and durability. It is favored by players who prioritize spin-based strategies and require a rubber that can generate substantial spin while maintaining good control and power.


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