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DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge

DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is for players who have experience with it.

DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is designed for Chinese provincial team players. Unlike the commercial version, provincial Hurricane 3 only has two cut corners. 

DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3.

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Hurricane 3 rubbers without NEO in their label are not chemically treated in the factory, they do not have an adhesive layer on the sponge.

The DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is for forehand

Compared to the classic Hurricane 3, the provincial version with a blue sponge has a more tacky rubber and a slightly lower throw angle. It is fast with a booster. The rubber is intended for forehand.

Why does Hurricane 3 with a blue sponge only come with a black outer rubber?

The black rubber is slightly softer and tackier than the red rubber, and its tackiness lasts longer than the that of the red rubber. This higher tackiness is due to pigmentation in production. Dyeing the outer rubber black ensures a softer rubber with higher tackiness.

We recommend it for players with good forehand technique.


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