DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 39° - medium hard

The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO rubber has the same outer rubber as the classic Hurricane 3, but the DHS NEO Hurricane 3 sponge gives you a more flexible feel than the classic rubber.

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What makes DHS NEO Hurricane 3 different?

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO rubber sponges have already been coated with a single layer of adhesive in production. The difference between the classic Hurricane 3 and DHS Hurricane 3 NEO is in the sponge. The NEO sponge has a softer feel when it hits the ball, even though the sponge hardness is officially the same, it feels different. The NEO has a slightly higher rebound.

What DHS Hurricane 3 NEO sponge hardness should I use?

Every player tests different rubbers with different sponge hardness. Perhaps this could be summarized as follows: the more vigorous the forehand with the faster the swing, the harder the sponge should be. It also depends whether you play close to the table or further away...

You should definitely use booster to increase the speed of the rubber. Apply the second layer of adhesive after applying the booster. The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO rubber is a typical rubber for forehand, i.e. for offensive players. The rubber is vacuum packed.


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