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Friendship 729 Battle 2 provincial blue sponge

Provincial rubber Friendship 729 Battle 2 with blue sponge is designed for forehand, which is used by many Chinese professional table tennis players.

  • The black topsheet has a blue sponge
  • The red topsheet has an orange sponge
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Battle 2 Blue Sponge

Provincial rubber Battle 2 with blue sponge is a combination of hard Chinese sponge and specially treated sticky top-sheet.

With Battle 2 it's easy to get a high ball spin when serving.

Battle 2 provincial rubber with a blue sponge has a better consistency when hitting the ball, it is easy for the player to repeatedly hit with a top spin.

Spin Generation:

The Friendship 729 Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber is known for its excellent spin generation capabilities. The blue sponge combined with the tacky top sheet allows for enhanced grip on the ball, enabling players to generate high amounts of spin on their shots. This makes it suitable for players who rely on spin-oriented playing styles.

Speed and Power:

The Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber offers a good balance of speed and power. It provides a moderate level of speed, allowing players to generate fast shots when needed. The blue sponge provides additional power and catapult effect, giving players extra speed and acceleration on their strokes.


Along with its spin and speed capabilities, the Friendship 729 Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber also offers good control. The rubber's sponge and top sheet work together to provide a medium level of control, allowing players to have a good feel for the ball and execute precise shots. This control aspect is beneficial for players who focus on placement and accuracy in their gameplay.


The Friendship 729 Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber is known for its durability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of intense table tennis play, including regular training and competition. The rubber maintains its performance properties over an extended period, making it a reliable choice for players who want long-lasting equipment.

Suitable Playing Style:

The Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber is typically favored by offensive players who rely on spin and speed to dominate the game. It caters to players who prefer an aggressive playing style, emphasizing powerful attacks and strong spin shots. However, it can also be used by players with a more controlled and versatile style, as it offers a good balance of offensive capabilities and ball placement.


It's important to keep in mind that rubber properties can be subjective and may vary depending on individual playing styles and preferences. It is recommended to try the Friendship 729 Battle 2 Blue Sponge rubber yourself or consult with experienced players or coaches to determine if it suits your specific needs.


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