Chinese rubbers DHS and 729 Friendship for table tennis coupled with a sponge booster for pure offensive players.

Chinese rubbers are designed for players with a good swing.

People who get to know Chinese rubbers never want to play with anything else.

Chinese rubbers have very complex characteristics.

We won't go into detail about the characteristics of Chinese rubbers, it wouldn't be objective; that's what various forums are for, where you can get lots of information about the properties of Chinese rubbers. 

Designation of the Chinese sponge hardness and the corresponding hardness of the European scale.

Chinese scale European scale
35 42-44
36 44-46
37 46-48
38 48-50
39 50-52
40 52-54
41 54-56


If you want to try DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers, we recommend that you first test the commercial version of this rubber with a sponge booster. If you find that the rubber suits your game, then you can move on to the higher provincial version of the DHS Hurricane 3 rubber with a blue or orange sponge. The NEO sponge has a slightly higher spin and feels softer when hit.

In higher provincial versions you can expect an increase in speed and spin of the rubber.

DHS Hurricane 3 rubbers are perfect when combined with the offensive OFF blade.

We can definitely say that:

DHS Hurricane rubbers have a lower topspin angle, so there's a lot of spin even with a fast topspin.

Even short serves have high spin.

Very good receive, because the ball does not jump off the racket.

The chop has high spin.

Very good block

Excellent rubber for countertopspin


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