Water-soluble glue

REvolution No. 3 is a new generation of elastic water-based table tennis glue.

The glue is supplied with a sponge and a screw-on, sealable dispenser to prevent drying. The foam sponge ensures the application of a uniform thickness of the very elastic rubbery layer between the blade and the rubber. This special adhesive was developed to ensure higher speed, spin and control.

It's very easy to work with Revolution No. 3; it is easy to spread, and it can be very comfortably removed from the sponge.

REvolution No. 3 has optimum adhesion; even a wavy rubber after the application of a booster adheres very well to the blade.

REvolution No.3 is not just glue, it's another part of your racket.

Water-soluble glue

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