What led us to establish an online store for table tennis?

Since two of us have played table tennis all our lives, we decided to use our free capital and make a niche online table tennis equipment store from DHS and Friendship 729. At first we thought we'll only buy balls for clubs, but then we thought players might be interested in more, so we very modestly expanded the store with some Chinese rubbers, boosters and blades. 

What are we not doing!

We do not send any email to customers after order completion to write a review! We leave this decision explicitly to the customer's decision whether or not he wants to write a review for the product or for the services provided by us.

Why DHS and Friendship 729?

DHS definitely wants to make its balls as popular as they were in the past again. It is no coincidence that the most important competitions are played with DHS D40+*** balls.

We can finally say that these are balls with decent flight, roundness and durability characteristics that also have a favorable PRICE.

To be honest, we play with DHS Hurricane and 729 Friendship rubbers. To us, Chinese rubbers are "the best that there is". Of course, we use "booster" for the rubbers, which allows us to experience their real potential and the outstanding features we need. This makes the game completely different and definitely better.

It's easy to write anything, but if you try for yourself you'll see it's true.

Please note that Chinese rubbers are not for the "lazy", they require a decent swing and more physical effort, especially at medium distance from the table.

Purchase for favorable prices

We buy directly from manufacturers, and we strive to offer players and table tennis goods sections reasonable prices.