Orders placed by 08:00 hours will be shipped to 11:00 hours the same day.

Payment methods

Online payment 

You can pay by credit card via the ČSOB a.s. payment gateway (100% owner is KBC Group), the fastest payment method = fastest delivery. The goods will be dispatched almost immediately.

We use the 3-D Secure security protocol. Our online store uses SSL secure encrypted data transfer.

All payment data are transmitted in a secure way, and we as a trader do not have access to it and we do not store the data anywhere.

Bank transfer payment 

You can pay by bank transfer with all of the shipping options offered. We will reserve your goods for 5 days from the placement of the order. You will receive the payment details via email when the order is sent. We recommend transferring the money within 2 days of placing your order.


EU countries

The goods have EU status, so there is no obligation to pay customs duties.

For VAT payers the price of goods and shipping is charged without VAT.

After entering a valid VAT number in the order form, the system will display prices without VAT.

Standard Shipping

The shipping price will be displayed after selecting the desired country.

Delivery time is given in working days.

  • Austria - delivery 5-7 days
  • Belgium - delivery 5-7 days
  • Bulgaria - delivery 5-7 days
  • Croatia - delivery 5-7
  • Denmark - delivery 5-7 days
  • Estonia - delivery 5-7 days
  • Finland - delivery 5-7 days
  • France - delivery 5-7 days
  • Germany - delivery 3-5 days
  • Greece - delivery 5-7 days
  • Great Britain - delivery 5-7 days
  • Hungary - delivery 5-7 days
  • Ireland - delivery 5-7 days
  • Italy - delivery 5-7 days - Temporarily suspended shipments via GLS
  • Lithuania - delivery 5-7 days
  • Latvia - delivery 5-7 days
  • Luxembourg - delivery 5-7 days
  • Netherlands - delivery 5-7 days
  • Poland - delivery 3-5 days
  • Portugal - delivery 5-7 days
  • Romania - delivery 5-7 days
  • Slovakia - delivery 3-5 days
  • Slovenia - delivery 5-7 days
  • Spain - delivery 5-7 days
  • Sweden - delivery 5-7 days

Delivery to all countries via


Delivery 3-5 working days

Shipping through DHL is efficient when buying larger quantities of goods.

Up to a shipment weight of 3 kg is the same price.

Ball transport has limitations because volumetric weight is counted.

Limited quantities can be transported.