DHS D40+ 3 star *** - table tennis plastic balls / 10 pcs

1 package contains 10 balls DHS D40+ 3 star *** seamed competition table tennis balls are the new generation of plastic table tennis balls made of ABS. DHS D40+ 3*** table tennis balls are made of ABS, and they have very good roundness and excellent durability. We support clubs - discount up to 20% There are quantitative restrictions on the transport of...
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DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37°, 38° - soft

The DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37 rubber in the soft version is a great choice for the backhand. More and more Chinese players are leaving Euro-Japanese rubbers on the backhand side and uses DHS Hurricane 3 NEO 37 with a soft sponge.
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Haifu Seamoon booster 100 ml

It will be in stock soon!!! Haifu Seamoon booster Best booster for professional table tennis players. Haifu Seamoon booster ensures highly increased elasticity of the rubber sponge. Haifu Seamoon booster is tasteless and odorless. The ITTF ENEZ VOC test passed.
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Falco Tempo Long booster - 150 ml

The Falco Tempo Long booster is a sponge booster free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The booster will speed up your rubber by up to 30%; the sponge will soften and become more elastic, increasing the spin. The Falco Tempo Long booster effect lasts 8 to 12 weeks, providing very stable long-term performance.
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HAIFU - Water based Glue 60 ml

HAIFU Water-based glue Haifu water-based glue is used abundantly by China’s top professional table tennis players. The glue is flexible and elastic, suitable for gluing hard Chinese rubbers together with the booster.
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Glue - REvolution No.3 - 100 ml

High viscosity, water-based table tennis adhesive REvolution No.3 for gluing rubbers to blades. Glue is supplied with accessories, 2 foam sponges for spreading the glue and a sealable dispenser. REvolution No.3 adhesive now ammonia-free and odorless.
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DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge

DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is for players who have experience with it. DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is designed for Chinese provincial team players. Unlike the commercial version, provincial Hurricane 3 only has two cut corners.  DHS Hurricane 3 provincial blue sponge is faster than the commercial DHS Hurricane 3.
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The best for classic offensive table tennis players and fans of DHS and Friendship 729 brands

As Chinese table tennis does (and not just Chinese table tennis), it uses booster for the rubber sponge. 

This completely changes the characteristics of the rubber.

We are giving you the chance to try it out for yourself.

"WARNING, it's addictive!"

Classic Chinese rubbers do not have such a porous sponge, their structure is dense, so players apply tuning-booster to the sponge to give it different playing qualities and perfect it. The rubber is up to 30% faster after booster application, the sponge softens and becomes more flexible, and the rubber has even higher spin without losing control of the game. The booster has a long-lasting, stable effect, lasting 8-12 weeks before its effect expires. Then the whole process must be repeated.

In order to create the optimum combination of rubber and booster, we have selected rubbers that have excellent properties with a booster.