DHS balls

DHS D40 + *** seamed competition table tennis balls are the new generation of plastic table tennis balls made of ABS.

DHS D40 + balls have very good roundness and excellent durability; they are virtually unbreakable (you are more likely to step on them). 

The characteristics of DHS D40+ balls are very similar to those of celluloid balls, with very similar flight characteristics and rebound.

We guarantee that you won't hit these balls with the edge of your racket as much!!!

The balls are resistant to a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +100 °C.

DHS D40+*** balls are also intended for:

  • The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020
  • Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games 
  • 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships
  • Men's and Women's World Cup 2017-2020
  • Chinese Super League 2017-2020

Table tennis balls today can be placed in 3 categories: 

1) Older type of plastic - average roundness and durability, relatively high price taking into account its characteristics. Highly variable characteristics. 

2) Newer type of plastic - ABS - much higher durability, far better roundness and uniformity of rebound. Very constant characteristics. Very good price.

3) Seamless balls from old plastic - solid roundness, solid durability, higher price.

DHS balls

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